Our mission is your mission.

Pre-Future is your solution to the constantly changing and evolving platforms of all things digital.
It is both a production and post production company that can take a project from inception to delivery and boasts an impressive collective of multi-talented individuals.
From idea conception to writing, shooting, editing, VFX, motion graphics, audio and color correction, Pre-Future can provide a comprehensive approach for any production. The creative vision of the Pre-Future team can bring any vision to reality

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What We Do

At Pre-Future we help our clients create entertaining and thought-provoking media content from feature films, web short and long form content, industrial films, kickstarter videos, music videos, radio ads, iOS apps, television commercials to documentaries. We are ready to help guide your project journey from inception to celebration.

We Direct
We Direct

. None of our directors own a ‘fixie’ bike. We don’t have facial hair thats styled like a 1950’s carnival strongman. We make films. We have a roster of directors with an incredible depth of experience and we will have the right one for your film.

We Shoot
We Shoot

When we are at work, we shoot. When we aren’t at work, we shoot some more. It’s what we love to do and what we live to do. Our camera equipment list boasts the latest in camera technology from DSLR'S, Go Pro's through to 4k including Red and Sony.

We Edit
We Edit

Pre-Future has a roster of very talented editors, working out of our SF based edit suites. We can also edit on location or if needed in your office. Also provide 2d and 3d graphics, color and audio post.

We Stylize
We Stylize

Need casting, set design, makeup, creative content written, sound design, music. No Problem.

Our Work

We’ve come together to do work that benefits our client’s needs and goals. Our team can create engaging visual content in whatever style works best for your project. We approach every new film with forward-thinking vision, technology and techniques yet always with story leading the way. .



If you’re looking for a company that is very creative and easy to work with, I highly recommend the group at Pre-Future! They were very professional, focused, creative, easy to work with and stayed within our budget! From our first meeting, we could tell that they were on top of their game and ready to help us. The product they delivered exceeded our expectations and when it’s time for more creative, we will definitely use Pre-Future again!Tricia L. Capri
Business Manager
Tula Technology, Inc.

Strategy and execution; Pre-Future gets it right every time. I keep coming back, because I value their insights and attitude.And, even when I think something may be too small or not quite in their wheelhouse, they continue to be an excellent partner in supporting the creative vision with a high standard for quality and professionalism. I think that’s something we all strive for in our vendor relationships.Leslie Edelman
Major Productions

As attorneys, we are accustomed to working in high-paced, results-driven environments, and Pre-Future matched us pace for pace (and in many instances, greatly exceeded our expectations). Pre-Future acted at every step with the highest level of professionalism, and its creativity and access to resources and talent resulted in a film that was far beyond (and superior to) anything we could have imagined. I could not more highly recommend Pre-Future!Casey Kannenberg
ABA YLD Vice-Coordinator, Public Service Team Attorney
Godfrey | Johnson

Our Crew

Pre Future’s media collective comprises an international roster of talent,
spanning Italy, Australia, Great Britain and USA.
We are unified by our passion for creating amazing media.

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